I am a public health professional, writer, and artist passionate about the intersections of equity, health, culture, and communication. My primary interest areas include:

  • Maternal/parental and child health
  • Health equity
  • Social issues
  • Reproductive health and justice
  • Environmental health and justice
  • Food justice
  • Nutrition
  • Jewish culture/identity
  • Nature and ecosystems
  • Whimsy

I also write humor, essays, fiction, and anything requiring an absurd amount of puns.

Education and career: I have an MPH in Health Services/Maternal & Child Health and an MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction, both from the University of Washington. I’ve worked in public health communications as well as public health training and professional development, with a focus on maternal and child health and health equity. I also spent over a decade working in youth development and advocacy. My undergraduate studies were at Oberlin College.

Art: In addition to writing, I make art, largely impressionist collage with nature themes, using tiny scraps of color from old copies of The New Yorker. This gives me another outlet for creative expression, by which I mean a passable excuse for keeping all those old copies of The New Yorker for so long.

Dubious distinction: Multi-time winner of Pundamonium, Seattle’s pun slam.

Other skills and interests: Mushroom hunting, photography, cooking, fermenting, hiking, backpacking, wildlife appreciation, graphic design, dancing, and activism.