The Atlantic 
Can a National Food Day Convince Americans to Start Eating Right?

The New York Times 
The Perfect Hamantaschen
Deliciously Invasive: Himalayan Blackberries in the Pacific Northwest
After the Rain, It’s Time to Hunt

Northwest Public Health
What Works to Treat Depression?
No Safe Threshold: Understanding and Preventing Childhood Lead Exposure
Transforming Data Into Action
Individual Fitness Tracking Turns Social

Jewish Journal
Not Over the Rainbow Bagels
A Passover Different From All Others. Again.
Making Hamantaschen and Puns, a Pandemic Year Later
Oil Vey: What to Do About Hanukkah This Year
There’s Now Ice Cream with Everything Bagel Gravel. Here’s What Might Come Next.

Medium (humor)
And Now, the Nominees for Official Wildlife Mascot of the COVID-19 Era
Quarantinder? No problem.
I am the Prophet Elijah and I Will Not Be Coming to Your Passover Seder This Year

Jewish in Seattle Magazine
Between Friends
A Sarajevo Haggadah Comes to a Seattle Synagogue from its Muslim Friends
Who Knows Nettles?
Take the sting out of an alternative Pesach green.

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice  
We Are Public Health: January 2016 (Feet First)

Issues in Science and Technology
Global Bioethics: Hopes, Fears, and New Voices (pdf)
As science increasingly crosses borders, so do the implications of deeply personal health sciences. Can new voices help in bioethical dialogue?

Elevate: a publication of the Public Health Learning Network
A Cross-Regional Collaboration Tackles Climate Change and Public Health
Challenging Food Insecurity in the Desert Southwest
Addressing Health Equity Through Research and Training in Florida

Food Day
SOLD OUT: At a time when Americans are thinking hard about diet, who really chooses what we eat?

Jewish Sound and (Note: site migrated, so other articles are lost.)
Chabon’s Kavalier & Clay escape pages for a new horizon: The theatre
A story of Polish-Jewish reconciliation, propelled by history’s personal gaps

Seattle Local Food (select articles from older blog)
Bypassing the Beverage Industry’s Messaging About NYC’s Soda Size Proposal
Response to ‘Where Do Americans Get Their Calories? (Infographic)’
Gluten-Free Lahmajoun –– Armenian or Turkish lamb pizza (lahmacun)
Fasolia: A stew of romano beans with tomatoes and garlic reveals Sephardic, Provençal and Middle Eastern roots
Chicken with Chanterelles, Coconut Milk, and Lemon
Seattle Farm Bill Principles
Response to NYT article “Math Lessons for Locavores”
Sierpinski Hamantaschen: Sierpinskitaschen (First in the world!)
Beloved Fava Beans (Fava beans with coriander and garlic)
Local Vegetable Som Tam (Thai shredded salad with lime)

Strengthening Memory, Justice, and Human Rights in Brazil and the Southern Hemisphere
(Book: Assistant Editor; co-author of Conclusion)

United Way of King County
King County Action Agenda for School-Age Children and Youth

Graduate Thesis
Vitamin D Supplementation Among Women of Childbearing Age: Prevalence and Disparities. 


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